learn English: Day 2 of English course Level B1

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Learn English
learn English: Day 2 of English course Level B1 


# 1 - Listening          

This podcast should be heard at least twice, the first time you will be less understood, but the second time you will feel that you understand what he is saying

# 2 Reading          

An Olympic blog

An Olympic blog
What an Olympics!
Posted by Helen Nolan on 10 September 2012 at 21:25
It’s all over! I’ve been writing my blog from London every day during the Olympics and the Paralympics and this is my final post to look back on a wonderful couple of months. Here are some of the things that were the most memorable for me:

The Opening Ceremony
This set the scene for the Games with an amazing show featuring music, dancing, historical figures, fireworks, and British humor. A huge number of volunteers practiced for months to make everything perfect. The best moment was when the old lady in Buckingham Palace turned round and showed that she was neither a lookalike nor an actor but Her Majesty the Queen. The next best bet was when she jumped out of a helicopter with James Bond (although I think that actually was an actor!).

Team GB
I was very proud of our team as we kept on winning medals and finished in third position in the medal table, which is truly a great result for Great Britain. There were so many incredible sportsmen and women. The ones that stand out for me are Mo Farah, the Somalian-born Londoner who won the 10,000 and 5,000 meters with the whole stadium going crazy, Jessica Ennis, the popular super-athlete from Sheffield who won the heptathlon, and Nicola Adams who won the first female boxing medal in Olympic history for Britain.

The Olympic Stadium crowd
Although the crowd cheered on the British, there was lots of support for athletes of other nationalities too like the wonderful Usain Bolt, from Jamaica, who won the 100 and 200 metres sprint to become the fastest man alive. There was also Oscar Pistorius of South Africa who was the first disabled person to compete in the Olympics. He went on to win two gold medals and a silver in the Paralympics.

New sports
I have really enjoyed being able to watch sports that are not normally shown on television. Before the Olympics, I didn’t expect to love watching judo or find myself screaming at the television during a game of wheelchair tennis, but I really got into them. I didn’t know anything about goalball before the Paralympics but it became one of my favourite sports.

The organization and the atmosphere
It took seven years of planning and 70,000 volunteers to make everything go well. Many people have said that the organization was not as perfect as that of the Beijing Games, but there was a much better atmosphere that spread out throughout the whole city. The volunteers were always friendly and helpful and Londoners even began talking to each other, and visitors, on the underground trains!


# 3 Common expressions in the English

Be careful ---------------------- كن حذر
Be careful driving --------------------- كن حذر في القيادة
Can you translate this for me? -------------- ايمكنك ترجمة هذا لي ؟
Chicago is very different from Boston ------شيكاغو تختلف كثيرا عن بوصتن
Don't worry ------------------- لا تقلق.
Everyone knows it --------------------- الجميع يعرف ذلك.
Everything is ready ----------------------- كل شيء جاهزا.
Excellent ------------------------ ممتاز.
From time to time -------------------- من وقت لآخر.
Good idea --------------------- فكرة جيدة.
He likes it very much ---------------- يحب كثيرا.
Help! ---------------------------- مساعدة!
He's coming soon ---------------------- انه يأتي في وقت قريب.
He's right --------------------------- وهو على حق.
He's very annoying ---------------------- انه مزعج للغاية.
He's very famous ------------------------- وهو مشهور جدا.
How are you? ----------------------------- كيف حالك؟
How's work going? --------------------  كيف عملك؟


# 4 conversation           



Learn English: Unlocking the Pathway to Global Communication

In today's interconnected world, English has emerged as the lingua franca of international communication. Whether you're an aspiring professional, a student, or a globetrotter, learning English can open doors to countless opportunities. Embarking on this journey of language acquisition can seem daunting, but with dedication and the right resources, anyone can master English.

To get started, let's explore 20 fundamental English words that lay the foundation for effective communication. These words are vital in everyday conversations and form the building blocks for more complex language skills.

Hello: The universal greeting.
Goodbye: The parting salutation.
Please: Used to make polite requests.
Thank you: Expressing gratitude.
Yes: Affirmative response.
No: Negative response.
I: Referring to oneself.
You: Referring to the person being spoken to.
He: Referring to a male.
She: Referring to a female.
They: Referring to multiple people.
We: Referring to a group.
Where: Asking for a location.
When: Inquiring about time.
What: Seeking information.
Why: Asking for a reason.
How: Inquiring about the method.
Eat: To consume food.
Drink: To consume liquids.
Sleep: To rest or go to bed.

Now that we've established some basic vocabulary, let's delve into English courses that can enhance your language skills. These courses offer comprehensive instruction and immersive experiences to expedite your learning process.

Grammar: Master the rules and structures of English sentences.
Vocabulary: Expand your word bank to express yourself fluently.
Listening: Train your ears to understand spoken English.
Speaking: Practice conversational skills with native speakers.
Reading: Improve comprehension and speed through various texts.
Writing: Enhance your written expression and accuracy.
Pronunciation: Perfect your articulation and intonation.
Business English: Develop language skills for the corporate world.
Academic English: Prepare for higher education and research.
IELTS/TOEFL: Courses tailored for English proficiency exams.
Conversation: Engage in lively discussions to build fluency.
Online Learning: Convenient and flexible courses delivered digitally.
Language Exchange: Connect with language partners for practice.
Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment.
Exam Preparation: Specific training to excel in language exams.
Writing Skills: Enhance your ability to communicate through writing.
Public Speaking: Build confidence for delivering speeches and presentations.
Business Communication: Learn professional etiquette and communication.
Listening Comprehension: Develop the ability to understand spoken English.
TOEIC: Focus on English proficiency for workplace communication.

Learning English opens doors to diverse cultures, better career prospects, and enriched travel experiences. Engaging in English courses provides a structured and immersive approach to language acquisition, enabling you to communicate effectively and confidently in various contexts.

So, seize the opportunity to learn English today! Whether you start with the basics or dive into advanced courses, remember that practice, perseverance, and a passion for learning are the keys to success. The journey may have its challenges, but the rewards are boundless.


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